Common Brain Tumours in Children – Cerebral Hemisphere

VIP info about Brain Cancer (Tumours) in Children

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Some brain tumours occur within one of the two cerebral hemispheres or in the spinal cord.

Tumours of the hemispheres include astrocytomas, ependymomas, oligodendrogliomas, craniopharyngiomas, choroid plexus carcinomas, supratentorial PNETs, pineoblastomas, and germ cell tumours.

The most common tumours of the spinal cord are astrocytomas and ependymomas.

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Seven African countries in 7 days, also visiting 7 terminal childhood cancer patients to fundraise for the fight against and raise awareness of childhood cancer in South Africa!

Little Fighters Cancer Trust


The Little Fighters Cancer Trust is thrilled to share our latest fundraising (ad)venture with you all today ~ the SEVEN7 Drive!

Sometime during the first week of July, 2015, very early in the morning, before even the birdies are awake, an “Africanised”  Next-generation Kia Sorento 2.0 FWD, kindly sponsored by KIA SOUTH AFRICA, sporting Little Fighters Cancer Trust branding and carrying 3 intrepid adventurers will depart from an undisclosed venue in Gauteng, RSA on an epic 6 200km driving adventure through Southern Africa, covering  seven countries (and seven hospitals) – in seven days!

Danie Botha, G.G van Rooyen and Jan van Deventer are embarking on this journey to raise funds for Children with Cancer, specifically for Children with Cancer who are terminal and are not covered by Medical Aid.

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How your Camera-Phone Could Save your Child’s Life

VERY Important information for everyone with children!

Little Fighters Cancer Trust

Retinoblastoma can show up easily in a photo taken with a flash Retinoblastoma can show up easily in a photo taken with a flash

Today we would like to share a short video with you about Retinoblastoma and how easy it is to check for Retinoblastoma by merely taking a photo of your child using a flash.

If their eyes show up red from the flash, this is normal but if there is a white spot in the pupil, it could be a sign of Retinoblastoma and you should have your child checked by a doctor.

Retinoblastoma is cancer of the retina. The retina is the light-sensitive lining at the back of the eye. Retinoblastoma causes the cells of the retina to grow rapidly and out of control.

Retinoblastoma may occur in one or both eyes, but rarely spreads to other parts of the body. Although it is the most common eye tumour in children, it is a rare childhood cancer and…

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Climbing Kili for Cancer Kids: Team Update

GREAT Fundraising initiative 😀

Little Fighters Cancer Trust

kilimanjaro with giraffes

Good Afternoon Little Fighters Cancer Trust Peeps!

Last week we launched our  Climbing Kili for Cancer Kids Fundraising Adventure with you, and this week we are proud to announce that two people who regularly hike with Andre and co were so enamoured of the idea of climbing Kili to raise funds for Little Fighters Cancer Trust that they asked to join the team.

Just a reminder that the Team will depart on 29 June and will start their hike on 1 July, taking on the trek to Uhuru Peak via the Rongai Route to raise Childhood Cancer Awareness and funds for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust.  They will sleep over in tents, in caves, and in campsites along the way, and the trek will take 6 or 7 days, getting them back to the base on the evening of the 6th of July.

Kilimanjaro Rongai Route

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Updated: MASA “Butterflies for Kids with Cancer” Project Butterflies

Little Fighters Cancer Trust

Good Day, Peeps. As promised, here are the latest butterfly entries for the MASA “Butterflies for Kids with Cancer” Project in aid of Little Fighters Cancer Trust.

2015 BUTTERFLIES FOR KIDS WITH CANCER – in Support of Little Fighters Cancer Trust

I know there are some more absolutely beautiful butterflies on the way as I have had a sneak preview, but we will only upload them when they are finished and admitted as part of the project to MASA.

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Give LFCT a Birthday Present via Radio 702

Little Fighters Cancer Trust


Talk Radio 702 is running a Birthday Wish Competition:

Whether it’s a gesture or kind word, the most powerful gifts are those that come straight from the heart.

There are many organisations in our country giving to those in need for nothing in return. In celebration of Talk Radio 702’s birthday, we want to know all about these organisations, so we can honour them for their selfless acts.

Talk Radio 702’s Birthday Wish. Our birthday, Your wish.

Please Nominate Little Fighter’s Cancer Trust

To make it even easier for you to do, here is all the info you need – just copy and paste!


Name of organisation:

Organisation address (where are they based?):
Paarl, Western Cape

Name and number of contact person:
Mandie Erasmus 073 729 6155

Their story:
The Little Fighters Cancer Trust strives to relieve some of the heartache and difficulties faced by…

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